Impactful Brand Building

Do you want an effective social media presence for your business, products, or services but have hesitated because you do not know how to start or have been discouraged by the fees charged by large web-based companies?

I have worked with dozens of companies, from start-ups to well-established brands to create a social media presence for them in order to establish awareness for a new business or to modernize their message to a younger, more tech-savvy market. I bring a global perspective having lived, studied, and worked on accounts throughout North America and Europe.

Social Media Design

Each social media post is just a stroke of the paintbrush on your brand’s blank canvas. Through the use of carefully coordinated images and a personalized design aesthetic, I specialize in curating an online gallery that makes your brand’s personality pop on social media.  The result is a visually appealing product that captures a loyal online following, reaches prospective customers, and raises brand awareness.

Creative Copywriting

Every brand should have its own voice. I help brands find the right tone (and capture the right audience) through creative writing that’s designed to leave a lasting impact. Whether your brand is upscale or playful, I convey its online personality through elevated language and mind-catching tag lines. From social media posts to marketing collateral, my services can provide your brand with the storytelling that it needs to shine.

Destination Marketing

With extensive experience in travel, tourism, and hospitality, I know how to create an energy around a location that sparks curiosity and heightens interest. My clients include boutique hotels, international hotel groups, travel-tech companies, and tourism boards looking to tap into a broader audience. We will work together on crafting an online strategy that positions your destination as a must visit.